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The Hamas Charter (1988). Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Center for Special Studies (C.S.S). PDF. 
Challenges for The U.S. Special Operations Command Posed by The Global Terrorist Threat: Al Qaeda on The Run or on The March? by Professor Bruce Hoffman. PDF. 
The Gaza War 2014: The War Israel Did Not Want and the Disaster It Averted by Hirsh Goodman, Dore Gold,  Lenny Ben-David, Alan Baker, David Benjamin, Jonathan D. Halevi, and Daniel Rubenstein. PDF.
Cyber Infiltration During Operation Protective Edge by Daniel Cohen & Danielle Levin. PDF. 
The Moral Logic and Growth of Suicide Terrorism by Scott Atran. PDF. 
Al Qaeda as a Dune Organization: Toward a Typology of Islamic Terrorist Organizations by Shaul Mishal and Maoz Rosenthal. PDF. 
Psychological Aspects of Suicide Terrorism by Ariel Merari. PDF. 
How Iran Plans to Destroy Israel by Ehud Yaari. PDF. 
Building a Cyber Iron Dome: Israel’s Cyber Defensive Envelope by Michael Raska. PDF. 
Cyberspace and Propaganda Israel and the War in Gaza by Jan Thomas Otte. PDF. 
Defining Terrorism ­ Is One Man’s Terrorist Another Man’s Freedom Fighter? by Boaz Ganor. PDF.
Dilemmas Concerning Media Coverage of Terrorist Attacks. PDF. 
Hamas and its Positions Towards Israel Understanding the Islamic Resistance Organization through the concept of framing by Floor Janssen.. PDF. 
Hamas: A Social Welfare Government  or War Machine? Frisch Hillel. PDF. 
Hezbollah: Portrait of a Terrorist Organization by The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center. PDF. 
Hezbollah : Mapping  Militant  Organizations. PDF. 
The Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”: A Document of General Principles and Policies by Hamas. PDF.
The Islamic State by Richard Barrett. PDF. 
The New Hezbollah Manifesto. PDF. 
What Is Boko Haram? by Andrew Walker. PDF. 
Hezbollah – a global terrorist organization – situational report as of September 2006 by Dr.  Eitan Azani. PDF. 
Surprise, Deception, Denial and Warning: Strategic Imperatives by Lani Kass and J. Phillip “Jack” London. PDF. 
Terrorism 2.0: The Rise of the Civilitary Battlefield by Gil Avriel. PDF. 
A Primer on Hamas: Origins, Tactics, Strategy, and Response by Robert Satloff. PDF. 
An Overview: Hezbollah as a Terrorist Organization by Dr.Eitan Azani. PDF.