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Democracia e Sociedade Israelense


Some Reflections on The Israeli Legal System and Its Judiciary by Aharon Barak. PDF.
Arabs in Israel: Political Tolerance and Ethnic Conflict by Mitchell A. Seligson and Dan Caspi. PDF.
Israel’s Relations with the Third World (1948–2008) by Benyamin Neuberger. PDF.
Arab Citizens of Israel Early in the Twenty-First Century by Arik Rudnitzky. PDF
Establishing a Judiciary Based Research Center – the Israeli Experience by Yigal Mersel and Keren Weinshall-Margel. PDF. 
Europe and Israel: A Complex Relationship by Giorgio Gomel. PDF. 
The Israeli Democracy Index. PDF. 
Israel and Latin America A Relationship To Be Developed by Carlos Alberto Montaner. PDF. 
Israel and the BRICS by Yossi Alpher. PDF. 
Israel and the United States: The Special Bond Between Two Nations and Two Peoples by Michael B. Oren. PDF.
Israel: Background and U.S. Relations in Brief by Jim Zanotti. PDF. 
Israel: Jewish and Democratic by Professor Gil Troy and Martin J. Raffel. PDF.
Law of Return; Nationality Law by Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. PDF. 
Religious Freedom and Israeli Law by Frank S. Ravitch. PDF. 
In the Shadow of History: Israel-Vatican Relations 1948-1973: The Israeli Perspective by Dr. Amnon Ramon. PDF. 
Muslim Countries’ Trade With Israel – Building Common Interests For A Better Future By Emanuel Shahaf. PDF. 
Israel’s Political System by Eben Kaplan, and Caroline Friedman. PDF. 
Economic Surveys Israel by OECD. PDF. 
Beyond the Veil: Israel-Pakistan Relations by P. R. Kumaraswamy. PDF.
The keys to understanding the Israel-Russia relationship by Pierre Razoux. PDF. 
Jewish Political Traditions And Contemporary Israeli Politics by Alan Dowty. PDF.